All About Hugs

Hugs and Relationships

Hugs are scientifically shown to improve relationships of various kinds. Hugging helps to increase social connections and bonding. They also help provide a sense of belonging and acceptance.

A simple hug can boost our self esteem and self worth. When one is hugged they feel loved and special.

The nurturing touch of hugs help to increase trust and builds a sense of safety and security, especially in romantic relationships. Hugs can help with open and honest communication between two people. Science says, that couples who hug more are more likely to stay together.

Hugs help a woman to feel more comforted and protected, especially when feeling in a negative mood, in addition to helping them feel more appreciated. Hugs have also been shown to have a 'civilizing' effect on men, helping to make them more affectionate and better at forming relationships and social bonding. Also, the good news for both men and women in relationships, is that regular hugs from a partner has been shown to increase libido and also sexual performance in men.

Oxytocin levels are elevated during a hug or embrace. Hugs between loved one's increase feelings of attachement, bonding, connection, trust and intimacy.

The Healing Hug

The Healthy Hug

Hugs and Hormones

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