The Healthy Hug

The positive and healing benefits of hugging.

Science also shows that hugs can help prevent us from getting sick. It seems counterproductive because one would think that closer contact with other people, especially strangers, would make us more susceptible to germs. Running out in the streets to hug random strangers might not be your thing, and that's ok (LINK), but hugs with friends and family, or hugging and cuddling with a spouse or partner can keep one in good physical and emotional health. Feeling connected to others, especially through physical touch, has a positive influence that can help prevent stress induced sickness from developing in the body.

Hugs can even help to ease pain and soothe aches within the body by increasing circulation in the soft tissues. A hearty and lengthy hug also reduces stress levels in the body, releasing tension and relaxing muscles.

Hugs also help to balance out the nervous system in general and generates the "Galvanic Response". The skin contains a network of tiny pressure centres called pacinian corpuscles that can sense touch. These pressure centres make contact with the brain through Vagus Nerve. The Galvanic skin response of someone during a hug shows a change in the conductance of the skin. The effect of moisture and electricity in the skin creates a more balanced state in the nervous system (the parasympathetic system). It's no coincidence then, that a hug is often given or received to offer sympathy to another.

Hugs also boost the immune system and helps to stimulate the Thymus gland. The Thymus gland regulates and balances the body's production of white blood cells, helping to fight disease and strengthening the immune system.

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