The Spiritual Hug

The spiritual heart of the hug and its healing benefits.

A hug from a loved one creates a powerful and meaningful exchange of energy that has a soothing and healing effect on each person. Hugs, much like laughter, can be a quick and simple form of meditation. A hug teaches us to 'let go' and trust. A hug opens us up to trust and being more in the present moment, encouraging us to flow with the energy of life. Hugs get one of out circular thinking patterns and helps one to connect with their heart, their feelings and their breath.

A hug is about giving and receiving; There is an equal exchange of energy that flows both ways during a genuine hug. A genuine hug creates a synergestic energy exchange of warmth, empathy and understanding.

When two people hug one another their hearts are pressed together. This gentle pressure on the sternum and emotional charge created during a heart-felt hug activates the solar plexus and heart chakra. The Chakras are energetic centres within the body that are linked to the endocrine system and our emotional well being.

Hugging or cuddling with an animals has amazing health benefits. Hugging, petting and cuddling with your pets not only can increase bonding, but also reduces stress and encourages relaxation (but don't force your pet to hug if they are not in the mood!).

Aside from humans and animals, even hugging a stuffed animal or a tree will give you health benefits. [be a tree hugger or a free hugger]] If anyone wonders why you still sleep with your teddy bear as an adult, or why you're out in the backyard with your arms wrapped around that giant oak tree, just tell them that you're committed to good physical health and mental and emotional well-being! Then watch the laughter ensue, and hey, that's good too since laughter has just as many, if not more benefits than hugs do! : )

What's interesting, is that even if one simply visualizes a hug and imagines the sensations of hugging, the brain can still respond as if the hug is actually occurring by releasing some of the same hormones within the body, therefore giving one the same health benefits.

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