Tree Hugging

Why hug a tree? Amazing trees and the history of the 'tree hugger' term.

Amazing tree

If you tell someone that you care about the environment or have a love of nature.. or trees in particular, then you might be labeled a tree hugger!

Tree hugging is often associated with peace-loving hippies or eco-conscious hipsters (which are actually good things) and is sometimes considered quite a silly or strange thing to do. But tree hugging doesn't have to define a person any more than planting pentunias out in the yard has to.

Children are usually more than happy to cozy up to a tree or climb one, while dogs tend to appreciate a shrub or a tree for other reasons. Birds, bugs and all sorts of wild creatures make trees their home and safe haven; trees, are also extremely importannt to the environment on earth.

So needless (pine needles?) to say, trees are infused with a powerful life force, energy and spirit.

In addition to being pleasing to the eye especially around the fall season, trees have a powerful and positive effect on us all--and hugging one with all your heart while keeping all this information in mind can actually be good for your health and heal symptoms of stress.

Historical Tree Huggers

But where did the term 'tree hugger' actually originate from? You might be shocked to learn the graphic but real truth. The very first tree huggers were a group of about 294 men and women who belonged to the Bishnois branch of Hinduism. In 1730, they all died trying to protect the trees in their village from being chopped down and used for building material for a new palance. The men and women literally clung to the trees, while being slaughtered by the foresters. Their tragic ending and heart-inspired action led to a royal decree which then prohibited the cutting of trees in any Bishnoi village. To this day the law is still kept alive and the trees are still growing strong. This village is now a lush wooded oasis amidst an otherwise desert landscape. In 1730, Bishnoi villagers sacrifice lives to save trees

Arbor Day Arbor Day is an annual observance that celebrates the role of trees in our lives and promotes tree planting and care. The Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit conservation and education organization helping to make our world greener and healthier.